Grandma Lambert and kids

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I have noticed that everybody that logs into the site will use the links on the left side such as What’s new, Most wanted, Photos, Documents, and such, a few have done a search for their name or names in their family and look at this then log off. That part of the site is in its infancy and all of that stuff needs to be manually edited by me so it will take some time before it is filled with interesting info… Also if anybody has anything to add please help me here and send to me I will add. Actually I give everybody the right to add, when it comes to edit you can edit but I have to approve and when it comes to delete, only I have this. But the reason I am writing this is because you guys are not viewing the trees, so I am going to explain how to view ancestors and descendants trees. First you need to do a search (I will do screen shots from my name) from that search you come to a page that list me, then my parents, spouse or spouses (I see I need to update my divorce) and then children like this.

The first image

Now see the purple bar just above the dark blue bar that says Personal information? The active tab which right now is individual will be a shade darker of purple. Run your mouse cursor over the tab that says Ancestors and then click it, it will take you to this screen.

The second image

Now you have four generations of ancestors starting from your name. From this page you will see some red diamonds and yellow diamonds. If you set your mouse cursor on the red diamonds a drop down dialog box will drop down with all the information about that person (Birth date, Death date, and children) like this for Grandpa Lambert.

The third image

The yellow diamonds if you click on them will take you up one generation in that leg of the tree. You also have the option to change chart style to compact, or text and to make a PDF file of the chart. I am writing this because I noticed no one had looked at the tree, just names and the links on the left navigation bar. The Lamberts that have married into the family (Aunts, Uncles, and cousins) will notice I do not have anything on your family, if you want to share either add or send me the info and I will add. I hope this helps everybody like the site more, and want to help researching our family, families. Terry


feature 1 Feature Story 1. John Lambert born around 1788 Aldborough, Yorkshire, England, Married Sarah Pearsons 24 Nov 1818 in Aldborough, Yorkshire, England, Either died in England or came to America around 1844, where did he die?

feature 2 Feature Story 2. John William Lambert born or christened April 1820 Aldborough, Yorkshire, England came to America 1844 Mary Anna Parsons came to America 1840 married in NY 1847... They both died after 1910 census which places them in Benzie county, Michigan .

feature 3 Feature Story 3. Avery side I can actually go back to the 1600 hundreds I just need to manually add it because when I try to merge I get a lot of duplicates

feature 4 Feature Story 4. I would like some help on the nisongers and walkers. I remember as I was young we had the reunions but I do not have the names and I never new where they fitted in till recently..


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